Saturday, February 25, 2012

Welcome to Parents Resource Room

Welcome to, a blogging community for matters related to parenting. Whether it's educational, developmental, social, nutritional or anything else, this is the place to come, ask questions and we'll help each other out.

You'll get support, ideas, suggestions and many other useful tidbits to help with parenting.  If you have some great ideas or suggestions we'd love to hear from you.  Send an email to and we'll post it for you, or just jump in an comment on some of the other postings.

Now to get things started.  For all you Kindle readers you might want to check out this FREE Kindle download.  Mommy Moments is a collection of humorous, real-life stories about parenting through the eyes of bestselling author, Daphine Glenn Robinson.

Mommy Moments Mommy Moments
by Daphine Glenn Robinson
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I got a new Kindle for the holiday and I just love it and more than that, I love the free downloads.  Try to take advantage of them whenever you can.   I just started reading this book and would be eager to hear your thoughts on it.